kusu-nghosts(8)			   Kusu Base		       kusu-nghosts(8)

       kusu-nghosts - Tool for switching nodes into different nodegroups.

       kusu-nghosts  - For interactive menus

       kusu-nghosts [ -h | -l | -v |-g <Nodegroup>]  - For information

       kusu-nghosts [-f <SrcNG>|-m <HostList>] -t <DestNG> -a <Rack> - To move

       The Nodegroup Hosts Editor (kusu-nghosts) is a textual  user  interface
       for  manipulating  the  nodegroup the hosts belong to.  The tool can be
       run interactively, or from the command line.  If no arguments are given
       the Textual User Interface (TUI) will start.

       The  tool  allows the administrator to move individual nodes, or entire
       nodegroups to a destination nodegroup.	They  may  optionally  try  to
       re-install those nodes.

       Under  some  circumstances  the	tool may be unable to move a node to a
       different nodegroup.  This occurs when  the  destination	 nodegroup  is
       connected  to  the installer through a different interface than the one
       the node originally booted from.	 When this happens it is necessary  to
       use kusu-addhost to remove the node, then to re-add it to the new node-

       The following options are available:

       -a <RackNumber>, --rack=<RackNumber>
	      Some destination nodegroups may be using a  host	naming	scheme
	      that  incorporates  the rack number into it.  This option speci-
	      fied the rack number to be used when naming these nodes.

       -m <HostList>, --move-hosts <HostList>
	      A space delimited list of host names to move  to	another	 node-

       -f <SrcNG>, --from-group <SrcNG>
	      The name of the source nodegroup to move all nodes from.

       -g <Nodegroup>, --list-nodegroup=<Nodegroup>
	      Provide a list of all the nodes in a given nodegroup.

       -h, --help
	      Output help information and exit.

       -v, --version
	      Display version of tool and exit.

       -l, --list-all-nodegroups
	      Output a list of all nodegroups and exit.

       -t <DestNG>, --to-group <DestNG>
	      Move  the	 nodes	this  this destination nodegroup.  This option
	      must be used in conjunction with the  -c,	 --move-hosts  or  -f,

       Running in TUI mode:


       Listing the nodes in nodegroup compute-diskless-test

	  kusu-nghosts -g compute-diskless-test

       Move nodegroup compute-diskless-test nodes to compute-diskless-New.

	  kusu-nghosts -f compute-diskless-test -t compute-diskless-New

       Shawn Starr <sstarr_at_platform_dot_com>


Mark Black			Version: 2.0.1		       kusu-nghosts(8)