kusu-ngedit(8)			   Kusu Base			kusu-ngedit(8)

       kusu-ngedit - Tool for manipulating the nodegroup properties.

       kusu-ngedit  - For interactive menus

       kusu-ngedit [-h|-v|-l]

       kusu-ngedit -p <NGName>
	  - Prints detailed configuration of a nodegroup.

       kusu-ngedit -s <NGName>
	  - Lists all the expired nodes in a nodegroup.

       kusu-ngedit -d <NGName>
	  - Deletes a nodegroup.

       kusu-ngedit -c <NGName> -n <NewNGName>
	  - Copies a nodegroup

       kusu-ngedit -i <XMLFile> [-u] [-r]
	  - Imports a nodegroup configuration

       kusu-ngedit -e <NGName>
	  - Exports a nodegroup configuration

       kusu-ngedit -t <XMLFile>
	  - Validates a nodegroup configuration file

       The  Nodegroup  Editor  (kusu-ngedit)  is  a textual user interface for
       manipulating the nodegroup properties, and hence their uses.  The  tool
       allows  the administrator to control the following aspects of the nodes
       in a nodegroup:

	      - Installation Repository, and hence OS type.
	      - Type of install to perform [Package|Diskless|Imaged]
	      - Name format
	      - Network configuration
	      - Components installed (Applications)
	      - Partition layout
	      - Optional packages
	      - User provided customization scripts

       When run without arguments the Textual User Interface (TUI)  will  run.
       This  interface	will allow the user to copy, delete, and edit existing

       The tool does not permit setting of the network parameters.  Instead it
       allows  the  user  to  select which network a node will belong to.  The
       networks are defined by the kusu-netedit tool.

       When run with arguments the functionality will differ.  It  will	 allow
       copying	and deleting nodegroups, but will not allow editing.  The num-
       ber of arguments needed to represent the nodegroup properties  was  too
       great.	In  this  mode the nodegroup properties and node states can be

       The following options are available:

       -c <Nodegroup>, --copy=<Nodegroup>
	      Copy the named nodegroup.	 This option must be used in  conjunc-
	      tion  with  the  -n,  --new  to  specify	the  name  of  the new
	      nodegroup.  When copying a nodegroup  the	 kusu-cfmsync  process
	      must be run to make the CFM distributed files for that nodegroup

       -d <Nodegroup>, --delete=<Nodegroup>
	      Delete the the named nodegroup.

       -h, --help
	      Output help information and exit.

       -v, --version
	      Display version of tool and exit.

       -l, --list
	      Output a list of all nodegroups and exit.

       -p <Nodegroup>, --print=<Nodegroup>
	      Output a detailed list of the nodegroups properties and exit.

       -n <NewNodegroup>, --new=<NewNodegroup>
	      Give the new nodegroup the name provided.	 This option  must  be
	      used  in	conjunction  with the -c, --copy option to specify the
	      name of the nodegroup to copy.

       -s <Nodegroup>, --stale=<Nodegroup>
	      Output a list of all nodes in <Nodegroup> that have a  state  of
	      Expired.	 The  Expired  state indicates that the node is not in
	      sync with the properties defined in the database for that	 node-

       -i <XMLFile>, --import=<XMLFile>
	      Import a node group configuration file in XML format

       -u, --update
	      Synchronizes  a node group when committing a node group configu-
	      ration that has been imported

       -r, --removexml
	      After a node group configuration has been committed, removes the
	      associated XML file that was used to import the configuration

       -e <Nodegroup>, --export=<Nodegroup>
	      Outputs a node group configuration file to stdout in XML format

       -t <XMLFile>, --test=<XMLFile>
	      Tests a node group configuration stored in an XML file

       /etc/cfm/*   - Created on nodegroup copy

       Running in TUI mode:


       Listing the properties of nodegroup compute-diskless-test

	  kusu-ngedit -p compute-diskless-test

       Copy nodegroup compute-diskless-test to compute-diskless-New

	  kusu-ngedit -c compute-diskless-test -n compute-diskless-New

       Mark Black <mblack_at_platform_dot_com>

       kusu-netedit(8) kusu-nghosts(8)

Mark Black			Version: 2.0.1			kusu-ngedit(8)