kusu-net-tool(8)		   Kusu Base		      kusu-net-tool(8)

       kusu-net-tool - advanced administrators tool for PCM

       kusu-net-tool <action> [options]

       kusu-net-tool  is  an  advanced administrators tool for configuring the
       PCM cluster.  It is used for changing PCM cluster settings, which typi-
       cally are configured once during the PCM installation.

       For  example,  kusu-net-tool can be used to change the host name of the
       primary installer, add/remove provisioning networks, and adjust PCM DNS

       Any  action  that  results  in the changing of a PCM configuration file
       will result in the restarting of any dependent services.	 For  example,
       if the DNS settings are changed.

       It  is  highly  recommended  to restart the system whenever changes are
       made to the OS networking configuration.

       WARNING: incorrect usage of this tool can result	 in  a	malfunctioning
       cluster.	 Use with caution!  named is restarted as necessary.

       Being  a	 multi-purpose tool, kusu-net-tool is action-based.  The func-
       tionality of the tool is dependent on the specified action keyword.

       The possible actions are as follows:

       hostname [hostname]
	      Display or update the hostname

	      When called without  the	'hostname'  argument,  "kusu-net-tool"
	      will  display  the  current PCM installer host name.  Specifying
	      the host name  will  set	the  host  name	 of  the  PCM  primary
	      installer	 and the system.  If the system host name differs from
	      the PCM host name, it will be noted.

	      It is recommended to reboot the installer	 after	changing  this
	      setting  to  ensure consistency between the system and PCM clus-

       addinstnic	<device>       --desc=<text>	   [--netmask=NETMASK]
       [--ip-address=<ipaddr>]	 [--start-ip=<ipaddr>]	[--provision|--public]
       [--gateway=<ipaddr>] [--macaddr=MACADDR] [--force] [--default]
	      Add the network interface	 specified  by	<device>  to  the  PCM

	      The  network interface will then be accessible from kusu-netedit
	      and kusu-ngedit for further configuration within the  PCM	 clus-

	      This will add the network interface to the OS network configura-
	      tion. It is strongly recommended to reboot the system after per-
	      forming this action.

       delinstnic <device> [--force]
	      Remove  the network interface specified by <device> from the PCM

	      Use '--force' to skip the confirmation prompt  when  removing  a
	      network interface.

	      Warning:	removing  a network interface in a running cluster may
	      result in the loss of connectivity to  any  nodes	 connected  to
	      that network.  Use with caution!

       updinstnic   <device>   [--ip-address=<ipaddress>]  [--netmask=NETMASK]
       [--macaddr=MACADDR]     [--gateway=<ipaddr>]	 [--start-ip=<ipaddr>]
       [--desc=<text>] [--provision|--public]
	      Update the network settings for the specified installer NIC.

	      This  will  update  the  OS  network configuration (/etc/syscon-
	      fig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<device>). It is strongly  recommended
	      to  reboot  the  system  after making this change as the current
	      network configuration will be out of sync with the configuration

	      Warning: changing network configuration in a running PCM cluster
	      may result in the loss of connectivity to any nodes connected to
	      that network.  Use with caution!

       hostinfo [hostname]
	      Displays information about the given host or the installer.

	      Without  the  'hostname'	parameter,  this  displays the network
	      information for the installer host, otherwise it	displays  net-
	      work information for the specified host.

       dns <dns action> [options]
	      The  'dns'  action  has sub-actions where <dns action> is one of
	      the following:

	      info - Display the current settings for public and  private  DNS

	      set  <dns1|dns2|dns3>  <ipaddr>  -  Set the specified DNS server
	      'slot' to the specified IP address. DNS servers are  queried  in
	      order, meaning that 'dns1' takes precedence over 'dns2'.

	      unset  <dns1|dns2|dns3> - Unset the specified DNS server 'slot'.
	      NOTE: at least one DNS server is required.

	      domain public <domain> - Set the public DNS domain to  'domain'.

	      domain  private  <domain>	 -  Set	 the  private  DNS  domain  to

       Mike Frisch <mfrisch_at_platform_dot_com>

       kusu-netedit(8), kusu-ngedit(8)

Platform Computing		Version: 2.0.1		      kusu-net-tool(8)