kusu-migrate(8)			   Kusu Base		       kusu-migrate(8)

       kusu-migrate - Migration tool for PCM 1.2 to PCM 2.0

       kusu-migrate  [-e  {-t  <TGZFile>}]     -  Export PCM 1.2 configuration
       information into a tar-gzipped file

       kusu-migrate [-i -t <TGZFile>]	    -  Import  PCM  1.2	 configuration
       information, from a tar-gzipped file, to a PCM 2.0 directory

       kusu-migrate  -r			    - Generate and print configuration
       report for PCM 1.2.

       kusu-migrate [-r {-t <TGZFile>}]	   - Print the PCM  1.2	 configuration
       report inside a tar-gzipped file.

       kusu-migrate  is	 a  migration  tool for extracting PCM 1.2 information
       into the PCM 2.0 /depot/kusu-migrate directory. The export option  cap-
       tures PCM 1.2 configurations and export it into a tar-gzipped file. The
       import option extracts the information from the	tar-gzipped  file  and
       imports	it  into  the  /depot/kusu-migrate  directory  of PCM 2.0. The
       report option generates a report of the current	PCM  1.2  installation
       settings. Alternatively, the report option will print a previously gen-
       erated report in a given tar-gzipped file,  if  any.  The  kusu-migrate
       tool  also  handles the migration of the Platform LSF kit and the Plat-
       form Lava kit configuration from PCM 1.2 to PCM 2.0 if those  kits  are

       -e, --export
	      Export PCM 1.2 configuration into tar-gzipped file.

       -i, --import
	      Import  PCM 1.2 configuration from a tar-gzipped file into a PCM
	      2.0 directory.

       -h, --help
	      Print the help information and exit.

       -r, --report
	      Print the report of the current PCM 1.2 cluster or the report in
	      the tar-gzipped file, if provided.

       -t, --tgzfile=<TARGZ>
	      Specify  the  name  of  the  tar-gzipped file to use for export,
	      import or report option.


       Ang Yun Quan, <yqang_at_platform_dot_com>

Ang Yun Quan			Version: 2.0.1		       kusu-migrate(8)