kusu-license-tool(8)		   Kusu Base		  kusu-license-tool(8)

       kusu-license-tool - Unified license management tool for kusu.

       kusu-license-tool [-h|-v]

       kusu-license-tool  register  [-f	 <license  file>]  [-p <product name>]
       [--force] [-h]

       kusu-license-tool recover [-h]

       kusu-license-tool is a unified FLEXlm license management tool.	It  is
       used  to register software bundled as kusu kits.	 Kusu kits that bundle
       software requiring FLEXlm license registration can extend the function-
       ality of kusu-license-tool via plugins. Kusu-license-tool supports both
       individual and unified license files when applying a license, and  sim-
       plifies the steps for license registration and software deployment.

       -f, --file==<license file>
	      Specifies the license to be applied.  If the license file is not
	      specified, kusu-license-tool will search for the license in  the
	      default location as listed in the FILES section.

       -p, --product==<product name>
	      Specifies	 the product to apply the license for.	If the product
	      is not specified, kusu-license-tool will apply a unified license
	      for all supported products.

       -h, --help
	      Prints the help information and exits, also prints all supported
	      products and their default license locations.

       -v, --version
	      Prints the version information and exits.

	      Default location of the unified license

       More default locations can be provided by plugins.  Run	'kusu-license-
       tool --help' for documentation on those.

       Bin Xu, <binxu_at_platform_dot_com>

       kusu-kitops, kusu-repoman, kusu-kit-install

Bin Xu			    Version: ${VERSION_STR}	  kusu-license-tool(8)