kusu-kit-install(8)		   Kusu Base		   kusu-kit-install(8)

       kusu-kit-install - Unified kit installation and deployment tool.

       kusu-kit-install [-h|-v]

       kusu-kit-install [-r <Repo list>] <SOURCE>

       <SOURCE>-  The  location of the kits to be installed, e.g. /tmp/kit.iso
       (file) or /dev/cdrom (cdrom device) or /data/kit (directory).

       kusu-kit-install is a kit installation and deployment tool.  Kusu  pro-
       vides a detailed deployment mechanism for kits using kusu-kitops, kusu-
       repoman and kusu-ngedit. kusu-kit-install uses reasonable  defaults  to
       abstract	 these	details	 into a single action for easy deployment. The
       steps used are:

	      - Install kits.
	      - Add kits to each repository.
	      - Refresh repositories.
	      - Associate components to nodegroups of each repository.
	      - Synchronize nodegroups.

       If a kit is already present in the system, it is	 still	added  to  the
       repositories.  If  it is already added to a repository, it's components
       are still associated with the matching nodegroups.

       Components are associated matching the ngtypes listed  in  the  kitinfo
       file  and  the  os against the type of the nodegroups and the ostype of
       the repository.

       When a kit's kitinfo file does not mention the  nodegroup  types	 meant
       for its components, it is assumed that the components are to be associ-
       ated with just the compute nodegroup.

       kusu-kit-install has the following options:

       -r, --repolist==<Repo names>
	      Add kits to the repositories specified with the -r option.  Note
	      multiple	repository  names  must	 be  separated	by commas. Ex:
	      rhel5.3-5-x86_64, rhel5.2-5-x86_64.

       -h, --help
	      Print the help information and exit.

       -v, --version
	      Print the version information and exit.

       Kunal Chowdhury, <kunalc_at_platform_dot_com>

       kusu-kitops(8), kusu-repoman(8), kusu-ngedit(8), kusu-cfmsync(8)

Kunal Chowdhury			Version: 2.0.1		   kusu-kit-install(8)