kusu-cfmsync(8)			   Kusu Base		       kusu-cfmsync(8)

       kusu-cfmsync  -	Signals the nodes in the cluster to update their files
       and or packages/components.

       kusu-cfmsync [-h|-v| -f -p -u -n node_group]

       The kusu-cfmsync is part of the Cluster File Management (CFM) which the
       administrator  uses  to signal the cluster to update.  The kusu-cfmsync
       tool signals provisioned nodes in the cluster to	 update	 configuration
       files and or the packages/components.  The tool is run from the primary
       installer to signal the nodes to update.	 This allows administrators to
       make  configuration  changes  and then schedule the cluster update at a
       quiet time.  The tool can update a nodegroup, or the entire cluster  at
       a  time.	  The  tool  operates in two modes:  File updates, and Package

       In File update  mode  the  CFM  reads  the  configuration  files	 under
       /etc/cfm	  and	compresses  and	 encrypts  them	 and  places  them  in
       /opt/kusu/cfm.  The files in this directory are retrieved by  the  cfm-
       client and installed in the appropriate location on the nodes.

       In  Package update mode the CFM reads the list of optional packages and
       components from the database and builds a list of packages  and	compo-
       nents  the  nodegroups should have installed.  The list is retrieved by
       the cfmclient, which uses it to add new	packages  and  components  and
       remove deleted ones.

       The  kusu-cfmsync  command works in conjunction with cfmclient and cfmd
       to update the files and packages.  The cfmd listens for	the  broadcast
       messages	 from  the kusu-cfmsync program, and starts cfmclient with the
       appropriate arguments.

       NOTE:  The CFM will not remove files that have been  distributed	 to  a
       nodegroup.  To remove them use pdsh.

       -f, --files
	      Signal that the configuration files should be updated.

       -p, --packages
	      Signal  that  the packages/components should be added or removed
	      according to the file /opt/kusu/etc/package.lst.

       -u, --repoupdate
	      Signal the node to update all installed packages with newer ones
	      from the lastest version in the repository.

       -n <Nodegroup>, --nodegroup=<Nodegroup>
	      If  this	option	is  provided  it will signal all nodes in this
	      nodegroup that they should update files if  the  -f  option  was
	      used,  and or should update installed packages/components if the
	      -p option was provided.  If this option is not provided then all
	      nodes in the cluster will be signaled to update.

       -h, --help
	      Output help information and exit.

       -v, --version
	      Output version information and exit.

       /etc/cfm/* /opt/kusu/cfm/* /opt/kusu/etc/package.lst

       Updating everything

	  kusu-cfmsync -p -f -u

       Updating currently installed ones with the newer ones in the repository

	  kusu-cfmsync -u

       Updating the configuration files on nodegroup compute-diskless-test

	  kusu-cfmsync -f -n compute-diskless-test

       Update the packages/components  installed  on  nodegroup	 compute-disk-

	  kusu-cfmsync -p -n compute-diskless-test

       Mark Black <mblack_at_platform_dot_com>

       kusu-ngedit(8) cfmd(8) cfmclient(8)

Mark Black			Version: 2.0.1		       kusu-cfmsync(8)